The moment she walked in, we knew she was designing her own polished drama

Katia Fascinator with Veil. Made of Genuine “Hair-On” Leather


As she lured them in closer, she always kept them guessing..


Genuine Leather Flower with Beads on gold comb


Polish your Poise 

To set the tone of your day: get ready in style while keeping your hair out of your face with the help of stylish hair combs. It’s about creating that alluring feeling of glamour, the moment
you wake up. 




Knitted Darla Pillbox Hat with Pearls


The Feminine Factor 

Pearls and Purls have long been linked. Throughout history, pearls have been a symbol of status and elegance. Add a touch of classic luxury to your work attire through the embodiment of Jackie Onassis’ bonafide fashion style which is perfectly in line with business dress code. 


Knitted Isadora Turban in King Charles Brocade 



Leasurely Luxe 

Today we live in an age where it is customary to wear a plain T-shirt and Jeans, how unimaginative! It’s time we kick up the “on-the-run” outfit. The turban is quite easy to throw on when hair is on its last hours before a wash. Why wear the old boring and very typical beanie when you can easily style up with the turban? 


With her, Nothing was as it seemed... 


Knitted Annabelle Pillbox hat


When in doubt, Put a bow on it!

As another time-honored design, bows have long been one of women’s favorite adornments. At times useful and/or usually purely decorative, this brilliant knot has earned its rightful place atop your head! Look smart and festive while completing your holiday shopping! 


Only one thing was certain: Her killer style would bring her notoriety

The Betty Knitted Cocktail Fascinator with Beads


Nadine Fascinator made of Genuine Leather bonded with Lace



Who is the Lady in lace? 

Lace is the essence of femininity. It goes hand in hand like red lipstick on a pinup girl. No matter the genre you are going for, whether it be white angelic or black sultress, lace is a sure way to hit the mark. Draw interest to your beautiful face with a lacey piece of millinery. 


After the glitter fades, only the beauty behind the veil remains... 

Knitted Valentina Fascinator hat with Veil




The Goddess Formula

Whether you’re out celebrating cocktail hour or attending holiday parties make an entrance with style! Never reveal too much too soon, engage their curiosity. In this instance, the birdcage veil opens up the door to the imagination. Create excitement and leave them wanting more! 


A special ‘thank you’ to:

Mario and his restaurant La Traviata, Black Cake Clothing and Davis Fashion for the beautiful dresses. 
Note: All fur used is synthetic.