Unclaimed Baggage

Written by Alyssa Lee Cleary


Femme Fatales



We assume without prejudice, that a Femme Fatale starts off with the idea that she will eventually victimize her lover for spite, pity or jealousy. We never really consider the thought that the culprit Femme Fatale has great purpose and meaning behind any of her devilish deeds or acts towards her victim. We take for granted that her wickedness prevails without rhyme or reason. 

Let’s reconsider the thought that perhaps the action taken by the Femme Fatale towards her victim, is justifiable and that the only way to resolve the pain and suffering created by the so-called victim, is to remove him. And while doing so, the Femme Fatale must be dressed in Red, the ultimate color that signifies the common denominator that results from the actions of Miss Femme Fatale to Mr. so-called Victim. 



Alyssa Lee Cleary as Winnie Ruth Judd
Photographer: Jonathan Gonez
Location: New York







Ann taunted me, and her words rung in my head all night long, never permitting me to sleep. I would think of her when I laid down to sleep, of her incessant taunting, and my mind would craft terrible scenarios to make the taunts stop. 

I just wanted to sleep. All I wanted was to finally get some rest. I was exhausted. 




When I snuck into their house I hadn't even considered Sammy. I just needed to get to Ann so I could quiet my mind. I just needed to rest. I was able to sleep a few hours on Ann and Sammy’s couch, a gun clutched to my chest. Ann got up to use the restroom, and I nearly called out to her, forgetting why I’d come here, I felt the gun nestled between my breasts, and then I remembered-I was here to silence that god dammed taunting.  




Ann didn’t care about Jack. If she had, things might have turned out differently. I would have been happy for her-for both of them. Sammy was living there at the time, and we had all been intimate with Jack, and I never had any ill will towards Sammy. But Ann, she enjoyed having control over other people’s emotions. Jack would come over, and she was always fresh from a soak, made up, draped in chiffon. She’d flirt, and caress and kiss him, looking right at me as she did it, trying to rile my nerves. Then Jack would leave and she’d say she had no interest in him but for his money. 

You see, I was married to Will at the time. He suffered terribly from multiple addictions. I felt so ashamed, because I truly loved my husband, but Jack was good to me when I was in my darkest place. He was the only man I’d ever been intimate with besides my husband and he was a dear friend. I hated that Ann seemed to enjoy manipulating him, and saying she was my friend, but manipulating my emotions as well and knowing what a fragile state I was in



Ann’s body fit inside a large travel trunk rather nicely. Sammy, however, had to be cut into bits to fit into smaller pieces of luggage.